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6 & 7 March 2018, Bristol

With extensive expert knowledge in the competitive field of ammunition production, Hirtenberger Defence Systems GmbH & Co KG (HDS) has maintained its status as a leading supplier of mortar ammunition by focusing on high quality standards and excellence in performance and reliability. HDS is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and provider of mortar systems. The product range, consisting of different types of mortar ammunition, weapon systems, auxiliary field equipment, aiming and sighting systems, illustrates the variety of technologies and know-how used by HDS. The outstanding performance of HDS mortar systems is a result of the combination of several key technologies and know-how in order to synchronize the development of mortars and corresponding mortar ammunition. By combining the ability to develop, design and produce every important aspect of a mortar system, namely the mortar itself, several types of mortar ammunition, optical instruments for aiming and calibration, observation instruments, fire control systems for command and control of mortar units as well as different observation equipment, HDS is a Partner for End Users of mortar systems in every aspect of the weapon system. With the weapons and ammunition geared to each other, HDS products deliver a combination of outstanding performance, reliability and friction free handling and operation.


Van Halteren Defence Van Halteren is one of the leading defence and simulation companies in the Netherlands. Van Halteren has been responsible for developing and producing nearly all of the Howitzer Crew Trainers (HCT) in service worldwide today. The first HCT was developed in 1998 in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Army. Today over 15 nations use the Van Halteren HCTs.  In 2011, Van Halteren started the development of a total solution for training Mortar squads. Four Mortar Systems are in production for the Royal Netherlands Army, at this moment. These Morsim Simulators train mortar procedures and will be fielded in mid 2017. Morsim is integrated into VBS3


Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland Ltd, a Saab Group company
The company, belonging to Saab Bofors Dynamics in Sweden and RUAG in Switzerland, formed in 2007 took over RUAG selected activities, technologies and equipment to perform as a world-wide leader in research, development and manufacturing for advanced warheads, high end MAPAM mortar rounds for 60 and 81mm calibres, explosive penetrators, and safe SM-EOD products. This company, mastering ammunition for more than 150 years, is located in Thun, the heart of the Swiss Alps. This area is also one of the biggest Swiss Army training centres. Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland strives to be the trustworthy partner for development and manufacturing the most advanced explosive solutions.


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