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6 & 7 March 2018, Bristol

6th & 7th March 2018, BRISTOL, UK 


Delivering significant & relevant events

DSET has been set up to facilitate military to military engagement as well as allowing industry to hear and learn what the real issues and challenges that the military are facing to focus on addressing these needs, as opposed to the other way around.
The military and government drive the agenda and deliver it. 

We run a Military Advisory Panel (MAP) throughout the year for each DSET to ensure that the sessions address issues raised by the Military Advisors. We aim for this to be a forum of real action and engagement and not just another talking shop.

Defence Simulation Education and Training (DSET) was held for the first time in Feb 2016, with over 200 attendees, 60% of whom were military, with 15 countries represented and a predominantly military delivered conference programme. 2017 saw 300 attendees with the same military to industry ratio.
DSET was set up with a very clear set of objectives:  A military set agenda; a predominately military delivered conference; and to provide a relevant open community forum for honest debate and discussions amongst the military and industry of the training and simulation sector.

The co-location of DSET alongside Omega’s Future Indirect Fires, enabled a pairing of two communities with very strong ties, and the joint interest in training, education and simulation enabled international military representatives to discuss their current and future training challenges and requirements for JTAC and Forward Air Controllers in a highly focussed environment.

The endeavour to deliver a community driven conference and event will continue for March 2018.

Once again, we are looking to the community to provide us with direct feedback on your challenges in the marketplace whether you are Military or Industry.  Please take a moment to complete our brief survey below which will then contribute to the themes and direction for the conference and discussions at DSET 2018. 

 Serving Military or Government employees please complete the survey below:

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